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Pilates & Structural Integration

Why do Pilates?

Thea Gudgeon

Pilates is a system of precise exercises designed to create a balanced body through the development of long, strong, stable muscles that are flexible and correctly aligned. Pilates encourages body awareness and the mental focus required creates a feeling of relaxation and well being.

Created by Joseph Pilates, and actually called Contrology, the original exercises can be performed as Pilates intended, but can also be adapted to the capability of the individual. Medical and health professionals now commonly prescribe Pilates.

For people with postural imbalances caused by daily living, the system of exercises helps to correct common strain patterns, alleviating the chronic pain that so many people live with everyday. Pilates can aid recovery from illness and injury and enable a return to health and pain-free active daily living.

For the conditioned sports person or professional athlete, Pilates can enable improved sports performance. With correct muscle recruitment and alignment, overuse injuries are significantly reduced. Creating a functionally aligned and structurally stable body means that the repetitive movement patterns involved in all sports are done with the body in balance, alleviating overuse injuries that occur when we are out of alignment and muscles are not working properly. This leads to a better quality of training and better results.

For the older client Pilates improves balance and helps to limit muscular degeneration and prevent against joint related illnesses.