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Pilates & Structural Integration

Thea Gudgeon

Pilates I just don't get it!

So you’ve been to a few Pilates classes at your gym and you just didn’t get it. It was easy, you were bored, and you just wanted to use your time doing something where you got out of breath, sweaty and tired. Even worse, you might have got injured.

Sound familiar?

This was my first introduction to Pilates. In fact if I’m honest I still didn’t get it when I first trained and taught as an Instructor.

Then I went to a small independent Pilates studio in a quiet Hertfordshire village and found an instructor teaching the original Contrology Method. Joseph Pilates never named his work after himself. He called his work ‘Contrology’.

I was blown away, and also quite seriously put in my place. I left the studio mortified by my inability to flex or extend (and that’s without mentioning rotation), deflated by my complete lack of control, and the shock realisation that all my strength and control was being done by some very overworked superficial muscles. I was hooked. I wanted to have a body that moved like the teachers I met.

The classical work requires attention to detail and understanding that can’t be conveyed in a studio environment. It’s a hands-on process of touch, feel, talk and understanding that is just not possible with large numbers of people. All work starts on a one to one basis to ensure total understanding and specific attention to the individual.

Sadly this means large numbers of people never get to experience true ‘Contrology’ and end up with a fairly indifferent attitude towards it.

It’s my aim to promote Joseph’s groundbreaking work and change as many minds of indifference as I can.

Oh…and it’s not just for girls.