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Pilates & Structural Integration

Thea Gudgeon

If you would like to restore your body to its natural balance, alignment and ease. Because you are regularly uncomfortable in your body. Because you are fed up with repetitive injuries or general aches and pains. Because you would like a deeper awareness and understanding of your own structure. Because other forms of treatment just haven’t worked for you.

Strain Patterns
Common strain patterns that push our bodies out of their natural balance are created from our inefficient movement habits. These include our body’s responses to badly designed car seats, desk bound jobs, unsupportive sofas, and carrying heavy bags over one shoulder. In todays world the list is endless.

Individual strain patterns come from imitation when we are young, from injury, surgery or birth, and from our body’s response to traumatic episodes.

Simple movements can easily become habits. These habitual movement forms our posture, and our unique posture requires changes in our structure. Structure is determined by the body’s connective tissue (fascia). So a movement becomes a habit, which becomes a posture, and eventually lodges in our structure.

These changes in structure rarely make us feel better. Anything that pulls us out of alignment means that gravity works on pulling us even further out of alignment, or causes increased tension in the body to counteract the force. Compensation leads to more compensation, and more symptoms, and often long term discomfort or even pain. Worryingly, many of us have grown to accept this situation as normal and never feel totally at ease the body we live in. At worse we live with pain every single day.

‘When the body gets working appropriately, the force of gravity can flow through, then, spontaneously, the body heals itself.’ Ida P. Rolf Ph.D.

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